Hello all Art and Planet lovers,

You’ve probably already spent time today browsing online, sending emails, uploading images, playing music, streaming videos. Perhaps even buying some online art!

But did you know each of these activities comes with an environmental cost?

The Digital Carbon Footprint of our devices, the internet and the systems supporting them, account for about 3.7% of greenhouse emissions. 

That’s pretty much the same amount produced by the airline industry globally!

It’s been estimated that each of us are responsible for 414kg (912lbs) of carbon dioxide a year, across all our devices. We all have to take responsibility, step up and do our bit for the Planet.

That's why we're proud to be part of the ARTEARTH initiative. 

Working in association with EARTHICAL INVESTMENTS, 5% of all our online art sales go directly to offsetting our Digital Carbon Footprint. Through PLANET SOLAR, we are helping to provide low cost solar solutions, enabling some of the most deprived people on our planet to benefit from  sustainable energy, employment opportunities and improved living conditions.

So now, every time we change rooms with our art. We are also helping to change lives and the Planet for the better.

Thank You.